My Animal Shelter Dog Adoption And My Lifestyle Changes

  • Christw4rrior

    I too have a very active dog and he is often the only excuse I cant get by to not be active. It’s just too easy to come home from a hard day and sit down in my chair and not get up for the rest of the night. Luke doesn’t let that happen. He is waiting when I get there to drag me out in any condition for some running and basketball. Seems like maybe he knows I need it as bad as he does!

    • Haha CW, that’s absolutely awesome, Luke seems great! I only have had Legend a couple weeks and he already knows a strict three times a day walk schedule if I slip up, he whines and whimpers. So I keep him happy and I keep at it! Hehe.

      • ccgr

        What are you going to do in the winter time?

        • GSP’s are great in snow/cold weather. I will just have to bundle up and keep on going. 😀