Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Giveaway

  • Went ahead and got all my daily entries in. Just played this game on mobile. REALLY SCARY!! Crossing my fingers. ^-^

    • Haha! Nice, didn’t even know it was on mobile… crazy! Every entry increases your odds! ^-^ hehe

      • Yep, Scott Cawthon just posted it on Google play. I’ve played the three night demo and my bro couldn’t even beat it without jumping out of his seat. XD

        • Alex Johnson

          oh wow lol! man I don’t know why I am even putting in entries for this game xD I’d have a heart attack!

          • Haha! You guys rock! And yea, I almost did. 😛

          • Well hey, if you win but you don’t want it, I’ll take it. xD lol

          • Alex Johnson

            Your welcome to have it if I win it, if that’s ok with Xinori =D I would rather watch someone play this instead of playing myself xD

    • Alex Johnson

      Hey congrats Austin! Let me know how it goes xD

  • Congratulations Austin!!! Enjoy that freakky game, dont play it with the lights out… hehe Have Fun!